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  • Vishnu Sivan

    Vishnu Sivan

    Make changes, wonder everyone.

  • Luc Juggery

    Luc Juggery

    Docker & Kubernetes trainer (CKA / CKAD), 中文学生, Learning&Sharing

  • Mohamed Elsherif

    Mohamed Elsherif

    Software Engineer

  • Ahmed Ashraf

    Ahmed Ashraf

    Backend Engineer @ GetYourGuide, Open Source contributor and a Laravel artisan

  • Martin Kleppmann

    Martin Kleppmann

    Hacker, designer, inventor, entrepreneur. Software engineer at LinkedIn.

  • Mohammed Alaa

    Mohammed Alaa

    Father and CTO @ Frontier Car Group Mexico

  • Eslam Hamouda

    Eslam Hamouda

    Software Developer , CS Student , #MSP , Technology Addict , I love making small things with great impact .

  • Alaa El-Din A.Muhammad

    Alaa El-Din A.Muhammad

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